Self Help Guide to Decorate Living & Dining Room with Shopclues

There was a time when online shopping used to be a novelty, with few trusting the online stores and their offerings. However, as advancement in technology has gone to a whole new level, online shopping has become a part of everybody’s life. Be it clothes, shoes, home appliances, mobiles, laptops, electronics or even grocery, online shopping has grown immensely in the past few years.

To add a cherry on top, many websites are now offering cashback on every online purchase made by the consumers. Cashback are becoming a new rage in town with many people adopting this new method of online shopping. Who doesn’t love shopping and that too when you get additional cashback on every purchase and it becomes a win-win situation.


As we move towards online shopping, we can easily assess the accessibility and variety of choices available. You can shop not just clothing and accessories but also furnish your home the way you dream of it. From curtains to paintings and chandeliers, you can get almost anything and everything online these days. India’s favorite online shopping destination for decorative items is Shopclues.

It offers a a wide array of products including some of the top brands for an exhilarating shopping experience. To top it up, you get special offers and discounts every day. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before decorating your house so as to not go overboard with it. It is always better and recommendable to get your hands full with some ideas about how to go on with decorating your living and dining room. So, here are a few things to know before you take the plunge to decorate your living and dining room.

The Living room

This is the first room that your guests will see and as they say first impression lasts forever, you would want to make sure that that impression is of something amazing. Try a mix of patterns and textures to create an alluring image of the room. Choose a color palette for your curtains, sofa and pillow covers that contours with your wall colors so you don’t end up displaying a rainbow inside your room. Adorn it with wooden furniture to give it an aesthetic and rustic appeal.

Finish the decoration by adding a painting or any other art that suits your taste. Shopclues offers a variety of options for your choice be it curtains, pillow covers, or carpets. Scroll through the various Shopclues coupon code and deals from Dealsnprice to make your experience better. Just remember to keep it simple and sober!!


The Dining Room

The next most important room in your house is the dining room since it is the room where you will throw all your parties. Thus, you would want to make sure that it looks appealing. Remember to buy a dining table that accommodates average number of guests that you would expect.

Choose furniture in a soothing color like white, tan or brown. Remember not to put plants near the dining table as insects tend to flock around it. Try to accommodate a shelf holding some Chinese potteries and other decorative stuff. Again, you can find your favorite furniture as well as some very aesthetic decorative items on Shopclues. The store offers an amazing variety of everything you need.

When it comes to cashback, Dealsnprice is the go to place. It offers you the option of choosing from over 200 stores and offers thousands of coupons and deals to satiate your thirst for money saving. Shopclues deals and coupons are curated on Dealsnprice, so if you feel like giving your home a make-over, choose to shop at Shopclues through Dealsnprice. All you have to do is sign-in to Dealsnprice and browse through all the Shopclues promo codes and discount coupons. Choose the Shopclues coupon or deal that suits you best and buy your favorite product. Your cashback from Dealsnprice will automatically be transferred to your account. Happy shopping!

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